Below are some of the services TONYS HANDYMAN SERVICES has undertaken for my clients.

If you can’t find, what you’re looking for? please get in touch 07961 540836

I will be glad to offer advice or give you a competitive quote for the work you need.

  Alarms, Security, Locks   Outside Electrical Sockets
  Additional Power Sockets   Painting and Decorating
  Additional Telephone Point   Repositioning Radiators
  Garden Lighting   Shelves & Shelving
  Leaking Taps   Shower Installations
  Light Dimmer Switches   Unblocking Sinks and Drains
  New Doors & Windows   Wooden Flooring


TONYS HANDYMAN SERVICES covers Devon & Cornwall


As with all our services, we operate a reasonable pricing policy which means we do honest work for honest pay. If you’ve ever called out specialists in corporate vans you will all be too aware that a simple job can be the same price as a family holiday – no joke!


The truth is that 95% of the time, a blocked drain can be unblocked without the need for the big specialist equipment that these costly operators use and can be done quickly. If we come and see that the job requires this specialist equipment, we will tell you and not charge you for our call out – we can do this because it is so rare that it happens.

We have no hidden charges or costs.


We are closer to you and often can get to you faster. But the main thing is that we don’t treat you like a number – we care and we enjoy giving a great service just as much as you enjoy receiving one. please call: 07961 540836