Safety 1st!

I love the way a couple of days preparing & Painting- Decorating a room, can make such a difference to your home. Let’s face it you can spend a small fortune on most other projects around the home.

Please make sure, if your going to start a Decorating job around the home? that you do it safely. Here’s a couple of tips before you start work. Always remove obstacles out of the room & give yourself a clear path & a safe environment to work in. I’m sure you don’t want to be tripping over wires, dog & cat bowls!  the next thing you want to be thinking about is using dust sheets to cover everything up, that you don’t want to get Painting splashes on’ nightmare if you get oil based paints on your carpet. So, once you’ve moved things out the way, put your sheets down” it’s time to be thinking about working safe on ladders/platforms. For a normal 2 up 2 down, you will probably only need 2 types of ladders/platforms for internal work. get yourself a small fold away platform, these are inexpensive & fold away nicely when your not using them. I can’t stress enough to read the instruction before use & remember to always use the safety clips to hold the legs in place. An extendable 2 piece ladder should be used for those hard to reach places. Once again please read the instructions on how to use these properly. Remember when using any type of ladder or platform that dust sheets on slippery surfaces, like tiles & laminated flooring can be very dangerous & it would be best to pull the dust sheet back from underneath your ladder or platform where possible. When working at height try to use a paint kettle, this will allow you use just a small amount of paint at a time & you might want to use a hook with that on your ladder.


If you don’t fancy doing the Painting-Decorating yourself? or you just haven’t got the skills to do so? I can supply you with all the colour cards & colour matching service. I can offer ICORR advise on specialist paints & coatings. This is all part of my service to you for every Decorating challenge. All done in the comfort of your own home.

I can also, offer a full Painting & design service using my knowledge in interior décor. I can use Paint effects, like marbling, ragging, graining & stippling.


I use all trade paints that you can rely on, along with brand paints like Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Jonson’s, Crown, Zinesser, Albany, Sandtex, & Ronseal. I also, have good working knowledge of Ral & Bs standard colours. These include lime wash Alkali resistant primers & sealants. Base costs, Durables, top coats, varnishes, waxes. I offer a mould & mildew removal & protection & a Graffiti removal service using environmentally friendly products. Tony at can achieve a bear wall finish in most cases with my preparation, passing on the need of extra cost lining paper not being necessary.




Wall coverings

Wallpaper is an excellent way of achieving a change to your décor comparatively quickly. I can hang contemporary prints, patterns & colours of wallpaper design, allowing me to transform your home into what you would like it to be.

For high impact rooms, Floral wallpaper designs are ideal. Chose a dark, rich colour to add warmth to a room or bright shades to make your room look bigger. Alternatively, damask wallpaper, is a great addition, adding visual detail & an attractive design flourish to your space. Maybe you would like a more tactile design? I could use a fantastic decorative design option.

Exterior Painting

Please think very carefully when working at height” on the outside of your property! Do not work over 2 meters on a ladder & always have someone at the bottom, to hold the bottom of the ladder from slipping, whilst your on it. Other than that get scaffolding erected.

The ladder should Never be used on lose or uneven ground!