Here are some of the services offered by TONYS HANDYMAN SERVICES.

unblocking sinks drainsUnblocking sinks and draining

Blocked drains and blocked sinks happen to everyone at some point, normally when you least want it.

A blocked drain or sink is a big inconvenience and we can unblock it quickly and get you back to normal again.

Reasonable Pricing

As with all our services, we operate a reasonable pricing policy which means we do honest work for honest pay. If you’ve ever called out the specialists in bright vans or a certain plumbing company from Pimlico you will all be too aware that a simple job can be the same price as a family holiday – no joke!

No Call-Out charging

The truth is that 95% of the time, a blocked drain can be unblocked without the need for the big specialist equipment that these costly operators use and can be done quickly. If we come and see that the job requires this specialist equipment, we will tell you and not charge you for our call out – we can do this because it is so rare that it happens.

Fast Response

We are closer to you and often can get to you faster. But the main thing is that we don’t treat you like a number – we care and we enjoy giving a great service just as much as you enjoy receiving one.

outside electrical socketsOutside Electrical Sockets

Once you have the convenience of being able to plug in your Flymo to cut the lawn or the hoover to clean the car then you will wonder why you didn’t get it done sooner.

Quite often this is a quick job and doesn’t cost much.

wooden flooring laminate flooringWooden Flooring

Warm, natural and hard-wearing

A wooden floor can really transform a room. It gives it a natural feel and the variety of woods means that you can create a style that is right for you and still have a practical and hard-wearing flooring.

Laminate or solid wood?

Laminate flooring is lower cost, can be quickly put on top of floorboards and is quick to install. These engineered panels look precise and perfectly flat and are easy to maintain.

If your floorboards are in good condition and not marked then we can strip these back to their natural beauty, fill in the gaps to make them draft free and then stain them and coat them with hard-wearing varnish to get a really fantastic look. This is different from the laminate in that there is more variation of the wood but to me this is the ultimate wood floor covering. The downside is that it takes time so it is a more expensive option to the Laminate flooring.

alams locksAlarms, Security, Locks

Keeping Safe and Secure

You can never be too careful these days and good locks on your doors and windows aren’t only good sense but it’s also a requirement by insurance companies and recommended by the Police.

Changing locks

If you’ve lost a set of keys or have locked yourself out of your house then I can come and change the locks for you even if it is an emergency. I can be with you quickly which is the benefit of using a local tradesman that cares.


There is no doubt about it, a house with an alarm deters burglars and also gives you peace of mind both when you are out and when you are asleep at night. Give me a call and I can help you identify what is the best solution for your situation.

additional power socketsAdditional power sockets

Safer and more convenient

Most houses just weren’t built for today’s needs on electrical power. I’ve never seen a house that doesn’t have trailing sockets and multi-socket adapters to handle the typical needs of a household. Although trailing multi-sockets have their place for low powered items, they don’t cut it for many situations, especially kitchens and studies where power demand is higher.

Putting in the right number of sockets not only reduces the fire risk but also improves the look of the home and adds to the convenience. I can come and take a look and give you an honest opinion as to what you need. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

repositioning radiatorsRepositioning radiators

Heating where you want it

It’s often when you come to redecorating or when you want to change the room around that you will notice that the radiator is just in the wrong place. Stopping you from arranging your room as you want it and often reducing the effectiveness of the radiator.

Although not always easy to move a radiator it’s something we can do to help you make your house your home. A quick call to me and I’ll come around to see how easy it is and what the cost will be. It may also be a good time to increase the heat output of the radiator or add a thermostatic valve to give you more control.

Cost of repositioning a radiator

The cost of repositioning a radiator can vary greatly as it depends on how far away from the existing position that you want to move it. Also, it depends on how the pipework is laid out in the house. If the radiator is to be moved from one side of the room to the other then you can probably expect that the flooring will need to be taken up and the pipework re-routed to the new location. The good thing with Tony’s is that the low cost of our services means that jobs like this can easily be considered and remember it costs nothing to give me a call and for me to come and look at the job.

garden lightingGarden Lighting

Enjoy your garden more

As we get to springtime and the weather starts to change you end up using your garden more and more. It’s nice to be outside and even better if you can continue to enjoy the garden even when the sun goes down. There are some really lovely outdoor lights that can really give your garden a different look in the evening and create a beautiful atmosphere.

For me, I like the garden lights showing me the garden when I’m indoors in the winter. It brightens my mood and allows me to see all my hard work that’s gone into the garden over the year.

painting decoratingPainting and Decorating

Freshen up your house & redecorate

Do you need help with paint choices, finishes or maintenance? Whether it is a freshly repaired ceiling or the entire exterior of your home that requires painting, I’m here to improve and spruce up your home. If you’re a little more adventurous and interested in adding bold, vivacious colours or a statement coating of paint to your walls, why not try out patterns or solid blocks of colour for a fresh look? Either way, I’m here to assist with your paint decorating needs to give a whole new definition to your home.
Colours are incredibly fascinating with so many emotions and meanings that can be evoked, from calm and passion to energy and drama. Even dazzling white and cool greys provoke a stark emotion while subdued brown and beige tones suggest warmth. Paint speaks a thousand words and enriches the essence of interior design and the home environment hence why great care should be taken when adding paint to your home.

Painting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone has the desire to do it – it takes time, precision and patience – and let’s face it, if you’re not sure about what you’re doing, it’s easy to do the job poorly! That’s why I revel in professionally helping people transform their homes through paint decorating. I thoroughly enjoy the art of painting and cherish the therapeutic nature of the job so if you want the best results for your investment and bespoke service, look no further!

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to me and I have had the same high standards as my customers for over 20 years – I aim to deliver high end, flawless finishes every single time. If you want a high-quality job that you aren’t willing to compromise on, I am the perfect choice for the job. I am readily available to provide a first class service that will leave you undoubtedly pleased.

With minimal disruption to your home life, a speedy turn-around service, the maintenance of a tidy environment without any unnecessary mess and a friendly face that you can count on, I will provide you with trustworthy and reliable painting services including, but not limited to:

Outdoor painting

Windows and woodwork

Interior painting and decorating

I pride myself on high attention to detail and I always aim to exceed customer expectations in every respect. As a dedicated professional painter, I do everything properly – no half-hearted jobs, which means your paint will look better and last longer, guaranteed. Regardless of project size and timescale, all jobs are completed to a master finish and most importantly, each job is done with efficiency, transparency, honesty and fantastic value for money.

There’s nothing like a good old transformation, springing you and your home into newness so for superior results and a high-end experience that you won’t find anywhere else, please get in touch now via my contact form for a free, no hassle, no obligation quote or an informal chat about your painting needs and wants.

new doors windowsNew doors and windows

Replacing old doors and windows

If your doors and windows are looking the worse for wear and letting in cold drafts then it may be time to give them a bit of attention. In many cases, it’s just a case of renewing draft proofing or doing some long needed maintenance which I can do and they will be like new and save you a small fortune on replacements.

However, if you need to have doors or windows replaced then I can also help to ensure that you improve the performance of your windows and doors and at the same time ensuring that they are in the right style for your house. I’ve done a lot of work in Conservation areas so I’m well aware of the need for ensuring that replacement windows and replacement doors comply with the local regulations.

light dimmer switchesLight dimmer switches

Controlled lighting that fits the mood and time of day

Dimming lights are a fantastic way to really set a mood in the room. Rather than having the simple on and off set, you can vary the brightness. Ideal if you want to darken the room a little for watching TV or if you have that romantic dinner at home and you want to set the scene.

These are great home improvements because it is normally just a case of swapping out your light fitting and you will be able to enjoy the control that a dimmer switch gives you.

additional telephone socket pointAdditional telephone point

Convenient telephone extension sockets

If you are still running up and down the stairs to catch that call then you are in need of some more telephone extension points. We all need at least one by the bed, one downstairs and if you have a home office then you will need one there also.

These phone extensions add a lot of conveniences and you will stop missing those important calls.

Give me a call and I’ll come and see what the best solution is for you.

shower installationShower installations

Refreshing shower installations

Let’s face it. Showers are a normal way to bath for us nowadays. Quick, refreshing and economical which is why virtually everyone has a shower.

If you want to add an en-suite shower to your bedroom, improve an existing shower or transform your bathroom by having a walk in wet room style shower then give me a call. The results we can get will give you a real boost every day when you use it. Ideal for setting you up before you go to work and relaxing you when you come home.

If your plans are not so grand then I can help with upgrading mixer units, installing modern fittings, re-tiling the shower enclosure or sorting out any plumbing problems. Unlike the boutique shower specialists that are hell-bent on getting you to spend a few grand, I will give you honest advice on how to get a great result without you spending a fortune.


Shelves and Shelving

Shelving to keep things tidy

Now, look around you for a moment. I bet you have a few things that should be on a shelf. We all need some storage and shelving is not only a low-cost way of getting things organized but it also can transform the room. I have a lot of experience in setting up shelving for any space or gap you have and for any purpose. Whether it is for bookshelves or for organizing your kids’ room or making room in the garage. If you want to put some ornaments on show, then I can do elegant and refined shelving that will show off your little treasures.

leqking fawcet leaking tapLeaking Taps

Leaking taps waste so much water

You know that the tap needs to be fixed at some point if it is leaking. It is only going to waste more water if you procrastinate and put this job off.

It’s a quick job to do in most cases and you will be saving water as well which is good to do even if you are not on a water meter.